Dec 2017 05
CRITICAL – Please find the Traffic Flow Map and Notes under Event Information “Other Info” tab
All cars will travel along Scott Street, down Chapman Street and back up Queen Street as per 2016.
# NEW: ALL buses will travel down Derwent Street and drop students next to Blundstone Arena and then depart via Park Street
# NEW: NO TRAFFIC will be allowed through the GREEN ZONE on the Bus Car Pick up map (except residents in that strip)
# NEW: Bus layover area in Church Street as per map / OR in South Street at the Dog Training Park area (There is heaps of space there – Cars are encouraged to park in the dog training area in South Street aswell.
It is important that your bus drivers understand this traffic Flow and parking areas that they can move to after they drop you off.
It is important that you have your bus drivers Mobile Number and that they have yours so that you can contact each other at the end of the day to call them into the pick up zone.
Please fwd this email onto your bus company’s so they are aware and can print of maps and nots etc or copy them off so you can give to the driver on the day. I have also emailed bus company’s generic email.
This Traffic Management Plan has been put in place in consultation with Clarence City Council and falls more in line with the Blundstone Arena TMP that is now used for major events held at the Arena.
## ALSO, to avoid the congestion in the Rosny / Eastlands area…It is advised that to get to Bellerive Beach to avoid traffic congestion that all traffic coming off the Tasman Bridge should follow the Tasman Highway, take the slip lane to South Arm Highway and follow until the Shoreline Round about and then turn right onto Clarence Street and follow to Bellerive Cricket Ground.
All Cars, should drop off and then move to parking areas in adjoining streets away from the event site, or the Dog Training Area in South Street, where there is a large area for parking.
Please remember normal parking and traffic rules apply, so please do not leave your vehicle unattended in a restricted area or in residential parking spaces as parking marshals may be checking and issuing fines to Illegally parked vehicles. Council and Police will also be following up with vehicles that impede residents access.