Event FAQ's


Q. What is the aim of the STC ?
A. To give all school students (grades 3-12) the opportunity to take on a personal fitness challenge at their individual level of fitness through a healthy, active and social event. This event is totally focused on participation, fun, enjoyment, getting students active and providing an individual challenge in a safe environment.

Q. Do I need a Triathlon background to participate?
A. No, this event is for people of any fitness level and sporting background. We encourage all students to take on the Schools Triathlon Challenge.

Q. How do I enter the Schools Triathlon Challenge?
A. The easiest and quickest way to enter is by downloading the entry form off the website or asking your school / physical education teacher for an entry form.

Q. What do I do with my entry form once it is filled out?
A. Entry forms MUST be given to your Physical Education Teacher or the teacher in your school who is organizing your STC team. They will then forward your entry to the race organizers for you. You must enter through your school as this is a schools event. Please contact event organizer Tim Smith through this website (“Contact Us” Tab) if you have any queries.

Q. How much does it cost to enter the Schools Triathlon Challenge?
A. The entry fee is $25 per student, whether competing as an individual or in a relay team or both. This money must be paid to your school office. Schools will be invoiced for entry fees.

Q. Can I participate as an individual and also as part of a team?

A. YES, If you are going to enter as an individual and also enter as part of a team then you still only pay $25 but complete the individual event and then the team event throughout the day. See the event timetable for Individual and Team start times.

Q. What do I get for my entry fee ?
A. All participants will receive a swim cap,  race numbers bib and safety pins, bike security sticker, sponsor products and information. The STC finishers cap will be presented to you as you cross the finish line. All participants also receive a water and fruit at the recovery area when they finish their event.

Q. Is there a limit to how many entries a school can have?
A. No, schools can enter as many students as they like either as individuals or in the relay teams category. Schools who register early will be given preference should the event reach its entry limit.

Q. Will event participation be limited?
A. Yes. Once the bike racking limit is reached at the venue, registration will close for the event.

Q. Can children with special needs participate?
A. Yes. All children are encouraged to participate and be involved in this event. Your school will need to coordinate appropriate support.

Q. What is a team?
A. The teams event is a great way to participate with your mates. You can get a team of 2 or 3 students together and complete the Triathlon doing 1 or 2 legs each, relay style. This is a great way to give the Schools Triathlon Challenge a go if you don’t want to complete the whole course as an individual.

Q. How do Teams work?
A. A team consists of 2 or 3 students competing in separate segments of the race. Typically, one team member swims, a second rides, and the third runs. However relay teams can have 2 people, with 1 person completing 2 legs.

Q. Who can make up a team?
A. Teams can be made up of mixed gender and mixed grade students. If you make a team with two grade 5’s and a grade 6, then you would enter in the oldest grade students event ie: the grade 6 event. Males and females compete together in the relay team category, so teams can be mixed gender or single sex.

Q. In relay teams, where does the swimmer tag the rider?
A. The rider must be waiting next to their bike, wearing their helmet and holding the bike rack with 1 hand until they are tagged by the swimmer. (This process will be explained clearly on the day by officials). The Swimmer will run into the Transition area and tag the rider’s hand. The rider then runs with their bike from the Transition area via the bike exit to complete their leg. Swimmers must remain waiting in their team’s bike rack space until asked to leave by officials.

Q. Where does the rider tag the runner?
A. The rider re-enters Transition after completing the bike leg. The runner must be waiting in their team’s bike rack space. Riders must rack their bike and then tag the runner’s hand. (This will be explained clearly by an official on event day). The runner then runs out of Transition to complete their leg. Once all runners have left Transition, the bike rider will be asked to move by an official, riders must leave the Transition area with caution.

Q. When do we get our participant packs?
A. All participating schools will receive their participant packs prior to event days so that organizing teachers can prepare their students. Organising teachers will need to arrange collection through the event director (Tim Smith)

Event Day Proceedure:

Q. What is the event check-in procedure?
A. 1. Your first stop after getting off the bus will be to go to your school’s allocated area in the schools compound and drop off all your gear.

2. Your supervising teacher will then go directly to the registration tent / table and collect your school’s participant packs, (if not already received before event day).

3. Each student receives their swim cap and number Bib / Pins & Bike sticker from their supervising teacher at their allocated area (unless they have been handed out prior to the day.

4. Pin the large number bib onto the shirt you will be riding / running in. Place the small sticker on the head stem of your bike (The neck bit on the handle bars)

NOTE: As participant gear (in most cases) will be out to schools prior to the day, it is advised that you complete the above things prior to the day or while students are on the bus or as soon as you get to your spot. Writing the students name on the back of the number bib and on the bike number sticker makes it easy to hand them out and saves stress and confusion trying to do it on the day.

Q. Then what do I do? (Check In)
A. Once all your numbers are attached, take your bike and any gear you need for your event to the entry point of Transition for check in. Please wear your bike helmet with the chin strap done up.A technical official will check all gear in and out of Transition. NO bike stickers or race number = NO entry or exit from Transition.

Q. How will I know where to put my bike in the Transition area and what do I need to do once I enter the Transition area?
A. Your grade will be allocated a specific area in Transition and event staff will be on hand to show you where your racking area is. Your area will have a sign to indicate grade and gender and it is clear where you need to rack your bike. You must rack your bike in the allocated area, then set up your riding / running shoes, sunglasses, caps etc for your race. Once this is done leave the Transition area and return to your school’s allocated area to wait for your call up (announced over the P.A. system)

Q. Can my family / friends help me in the Transition area.
A. No, only participants and supervising teachers (wearing teacher lanyards, are allowed in the Transition area. Your individual event number on your shirt and bike must match in order to enter and exit the Transition area.

Q. What time does the Transition area close ?
A. ALL BIKES MUST BE RACKED BY 9.50am. Transition will close at this time.

Q. Is there somewhere safe to leave my bag ?
A. You may leave it in your school’s allocated area with your supervising teacher, but looking after your possessions are your responsibility.

Q. Are there change rooms or tents available to get changed ?
A. Hobart STC: No, but there are public toilets at the race site, located next to the beach and a large block of toilets located inside the schools compound. Devonport STC: Yes Devonport surf club change rooms.

Q. What food and drink will be available on the course?
A. Water will be available before and after the start of each event. A water station can be used at all times to fill water bottles (Hobart STC), and the Devonport Surf Club has taps that can be used to refill bottles. Fruit will be available in the recovery area after each event provided by event sponsor Boost Juice (Hobart) and the Nut House Fruit Barn (Devonport).

Q. Can my supervising teacher and friends help me during the race?
A. No. Triathlon is an individual sport. No one other than competitors and officials are allowed on course during an event.

Q. My family and friends would like to volunteer while I am competing, what should they do?
A. We’d love them to help out and be involved. Please contact us through the Schools Triathlon Challenge website Contacts tab. It will help to let us know beforehand, so that we know how many volunteers we have. Please let us know if you have any previous experience in Triathlon. Drop an email to tim@schoolstriathlonchallenge.com

NOTE: Individual Schools will also need parental assistance with the transport of bikes to and from the Schools Triathlon Challenge venue. Parents with trailers/vans or who can help transport are asked to contact their child’s school to offer help.

Event Information:

Q. Will traffic be on any of the roads the event is using?
A. No traffic will not be able to access the roads being used for the Schools Triathlon Challenge. Full road closures will be in place for all days of events to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for all students and spectators.

Q. How will I know where to go ?
A. There will be a large number of volunteers and marshals on course to make sure all participants complete the correct course. Please also see the course map under the event information tab on this website.

Swim / Wade Leg


The swim leg will be held in waist-to shoulder-depth water. It is encouraged that participants swim where possible, but as participation is the focus, we encourage all non swimmers to enter this event and wade the entire swim leg if required. Note: You must wade in water at least waist deep and knees should not be lifted out of the water to run to keep it fair for all students who are swimming. You do not need to be a swimmer to enter this event though. The swim leg will be held under the full supervision of Surf Life Saving Tasmania lifeguards.

Q. Is the swim in fresh water or salt water?
A. Salt water, Bellerive Beach (Hobart) or Devonport Bluff (Devonport)

Q. What about water quality?
A. Water testing has already been performed at this beach. Additional water tests are performed leading up to the event and during the summer period. In the unlikely event that water tests show it is unsafe for swimming, a short run leg will be substituted for the swim.

Q. Will the swim be a mass start?
A. The swim leg will start in waves determined by age (e.g. Grade 6 Boys, Grade 10 Girls). The number of waves for each group will also be determined by the overall number of entries in an age category.

Q. What is a ‘wave’ start?
A. The swim is organized by “waves” – one or more divisions starting at specific times with a period of time in between. Wave start times can be found on the “Event Timetable” under event Info tab on this website and are also posted at the registration area on event day. You must start in your correct wave so please make sure you have checked.

Q. Do I need to bring a swim cap?
A. No, swim caps will be provided as part of your entry. All participants must wear the swim cap provided.

Q. Will wet suits be allowed in the swim?
A. Yes, if you have one. As the swim leg will only be short however, they are not compulsory.

Q. Do I have to wear goggles?
A. No, goggles are optional, you only need to wear them if you feel more comfortable wearing them.

Q. Can I use a snorkel or flippers in the swim?
A. No, Triathlon rules don’t allow for the use of snorkels or flippers while swimming.

Bike Leg
Q. Do I need a race bike to enter?
A. No, you can use any type of bike in good working order. Road bikes, BMXs, Mountain Bikes etc are all welcome. NOTE: You cannot use scooters in this event.

Q. Where can I get a spare tube, or a bike repair completed?
A. There are several bicycle shops/mechanics located in the Hobart and Devonport areas. Event sponsor Roll Cycles (located at 93 Harrington Street, Hobart and Derrico Cycles (located at 156 William Street Devonport), will be happy to help you service your bike for a small charge, let them know you are getting it done for the Schools Triathlon Challenge. Please make sure your bike is in good working order prior to race day. Please make sure your tires are both pumped up when you arrive on event day.

Q. What if something happens to my bike on race day?
A. A bike mechanic will be on site on race days. The bike mechanic will be available to do minor repairs and located near the transition area beginning at 9.00am on each morning. The Bike mechanic will be available throughout the day. DO NOT bring your bike along expecting the bike mechanic to service it on event day. Make sure it is in working order before event day.

Q. When can I remove my bike from Transition?
A. After the last cyclist comes into the Transition area. The Transition Manager will make a public announcement to notify athletes that it is OK to retrieve their bike and gear.

Q. Do I have to wear a bike helmet during this event?
A. Yes, all participants must wear an approved helmet during the bike leg. No helmet, no start.

NOTE: Please ensure you have pumped up your tyres the night before your event.

Run Leg

Q. Do I have to wear shoes on the run?
A. Yes all participants must wear closed shoes (preferably sandshoes) during the run leg. NO thongs or sandals may be worn during the run leg.

Q. Do I have to wear a shirt on the run leg?
A. Yes, Triathlon Australia rules state that all participants must have their torso covered on the run and ride portions of the triathlon. Your individual number should be pinned to the front of your running top.

Event Timing

Q. Will the event be timed?
A. There will be no official timing for this event as the emphasis is on participation, rather than competition. Participants may time themselves if they wish.

Q. What do I do at the finish line?
A. Once you cross the finish line, you will be handed the Schools Triathlon Challenge Finishers’ Cap. Well done-you have earned it! 🙂 You can then move to the Recovery area where water and fruit will be available to refresh yourself, and return to your school’s area.

NOTE: Please check the Event Info Page for more specific event details